What makes us unique is our founding sponsor i.e. Asian Development Bank (25% holding) which not only supported us in the establishment of our company but it also created the strong base for our future sponsors. The major support pillars that we have today are one of the reputable financial institutions of Pakistan. Continuous support from our prestigious sponsors i.e. First Dawood Investment Bank Limited, The Bank of Khyber, and B.R.R. Guardian Modaraba have facilitated us in achieving a competitive position in market. Have fun with the sizzling hot online.

First Dawood Group


First Dawood Investment Bank

First Dawood Investment Bank was incorporated on June 22, 1994 as a Dawood Leasing Company Limited, with a paid up capital of Rs. 250 million. It is listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in Pakistan.

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Dawood Family Takaful

Dawood Family Takaful provides a long-term saving and investment program with a fixed maturity period. The plan provides mutual financial assistance among its participants.

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BRR Guardian Modaraba

BRR Guardian Modaraba (formerly BRR International Modaraba) offers lease financing to corporate entities as well as creditworthy individuals.

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Win Power

WIN POWER is a major project which is currently underway with the aim of providing eco-friendly electricity in Pakistan, by building wind power plants.


The Bank of Khyber

The Bank of Khyber was established in 1991 through Act No. XIV, passed by the Provincial Legislative Assembly of the KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA Province of Pakistan. It was awarded status of a scheduled bank in September 1994.

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Asian Development Bank (Former Founding Sponsor)

The work of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is aimed at improving the welfare of the people in Asia and the Pacific, particularly the 1.9 billion who live on less than $2 a day. Despite many success stories, Asia and the Pacific remains home to two thirds of the world’s poor.

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