Brief of the Fund

DIF aims to provide steady growth and competitive returns to investors with a relatively low level of risk by investing in debt securities. This scheme is designed for investors who envision long term growth with competitive returns.

Key Objective

To preserve the investor’s capital while providing a return greater than that offered by other investments of similar risk profile through investments in a portfolio of money market instruments.

Key features of the Fund

Structure Open End
Industry Category Income Scheme
Listing KSE
Duration Perpetual
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Benchmark Avg. 6 Month KIBOR
Stability Rating Non-rated
Minimum to Investment (PKR) 5,000
Sales Load 1.00% Front End
Management Fee 1.00% Per Annum
Fund Manager Mr. Muhammad Abbas

Fund Performance

Fund Performance Highlights FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13 FY14
DIF Returns 22.61% 6.41% 6.18% 1.34% 4.62%
Dividends (per unit) 15.5736 4.760 3.940 4.95 11.10