786 Investments has always given back tremendously to the community through its inclusive work with children and women through its partnership with Dawood Global Foundation’s BABYFUND® and LADIESFUND® initiatives. To view the details, click here

We strongly believe that giving back to community is the core responsibility of every firm that is dealing with variety of stakeholders. With CSR activities, we distinguish ourselves from competitors and balance the needs of our essential stakeholders by:

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  • Building strong relationship with community:
    We look at our community and identify which are the things that need the highest attention to develop our country socially and economically, but are yet being ignored. By engaging closely with our community, we have been implementing crucial strategies to bring major changes in our country through collaboration with Dawood Global Foundation.
  • Community Teamwork:
    To build an inspired and collaborative team, it is essential to provide an avenue to employees to give back to community. Our employees get numerous opportunities to volunteer during work hours and to participate in get-togethers after work. Leadership opportunities in volunteering activities boost up their confidence and level of overall productivity at work. We highly encourage and ensure the contribution of ideas from people at all levels of firm.

We commit ourselves to taking philanthropist actions by supporting programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues. Discipline, innovation and a strategic approach drives our long-term actions. In all of our CSR investments, we ensure to follow our guiding principles:

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  • Focus on our core business while ensuring the growth of our community.
  • Build partnership with charitable and educational institutions who have world-class expertise and experience.
  • Ensure success at top level by continuous measurement.
  • Maximize the participation of 786 Investments people at all levels of the firm.