Having enjoyed more than 20 successful years in Pakistan, our company offers you 3 types of open-end funds because we care for our investor’s fast growth and their flexible requirements. Besides providing them flexible options of investments, open end funds tend to benefit our investors through:


Open end funds do not let you put all of your eggs into one basket because it contain a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other securities issued by companies and governments. Buying these shares make you part owner of numerous securities unlike individual securities. Furthermore, since the drop in the price of one of your stock will be compensated by a rise in the value of other stocks, the risks associated with investing in the market is divided and reduced.


As we plan to become your life-time partners and strive to share your burden of investing, we assure you that your assets of open funds are determined and managed by the team of our financial experts, called fund managers.


A possibility for the redemption of shares at any time makes this investment a highly liquid investment option unlike close funds.