Brief of the Fund

DIF aims to pool in our investor’s money in all the shariah compliant tools such Islamic Banking, Ijarah Sukuk, and Shariah Compliant equity stocks, etc which ultimately aim to provide substantial halal returns to our investors in a short span of time.

Key Objective

To provide Riba-Free “Halal Munafa!” to investors by investing maximum 25% of net assets in equities, with the high percentage of non-equity income providing stability.

Key features of the Fund

Structure Open End
Industry Category Islamic Asset Allocation
Listing KSE
Duration Perpetual
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Benchmark 17% KMI-30 + 83% Savings Rate
AMC Rating Non-rated
Minimum to Investment (PKR) 5,000
Sales Load Nil
Management Fee 1.50% Per Annum
Fund Manager Miss Tara Uzra Dawood (Acting Fund)
Mr. Muhammad Abbas (Debt Fund Manager)
Mr. Muhammad Aslam (Asst. Equity Fund Manager)
Shariah Board Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman (Chairperson)
Mufti Syed Sabir Husain
Mufti Syed Zahid Siraj

Fund Performance

Fund Performance Highlights FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13 FY14
DIF-S Returns 19.01% 6.34% 12.48% 132.58% -6.87%
Dividends (per unit) 43.4501 14.0397 24.5591 104.3780 10.500